Don't Box Me In! (My Open Refusal to Choose a Genre)

I have often been asked to “categorize” Shadow Resistance as a genre.  I understand the concept of that plan. People want to know what they are getting. If you hate fantasy sci-fi filled with orcs, hobbits and elves, then you probably won’t want to read Tolkien.  If you’re in the mood for a good political thriller, then maybe you want to pick up something by Clancy. If you want a legal drama, Grisham is your man.

I think you get the point.

The problem I often have with Shadow Resistance is that it is literally impossible to categorize in one specific genre, because it’s a unique story, written by someone with a unique point of view.  Almost every genre can be seen in the pages of Shadow Resistance.

Do you like mystery & suspense?  Then you’ll love following our protagonists as the discovery of one mysterious dead body leads them on a path to discover a vile conspiracy that could change the course of the country.

Do you like sci-fi? You will be a huge fan of SARA, the self-aware artificial intelligence program, as her programming evolves into its own character.

Have a hankering for current events? Shadow Resistance’s plot is fiction, but the story will feel like it was ripped from the headlines.  Issues of racism, sexuality, classism, and political divides are addressed in almost every page of the book. 

You want a diverse voice? Characters in Shadow Resistance run the spectrum of diversity. From Dom, the African American lesbian hacker to Oscar Lewis, a White heterosexual homicide detective; Robert, a former junkie just released from prison to his brother Ryan, a soldier just out of the Army. You want diversity? Shadow Resistance has it!

Above all, Shadow Resistance will make you think and make you feel.  It is my hope that this book will help you see the world and everyone in it with clarity.

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