BJ Cyprian has harbored a passion for writing from a young age.  It took her a while to get around to writing her first book because frankly, she wasn’t sure she had anything to say that others wanted to hear.  After years of successfully posting Facebook posts regaling her friends with stories about her life, she thought maybe she did have a unique voice.


After the 2016 election, BJ felt just as agitated as over 50% of the population and felt like she might actually have a whole story in her mind.  Tired of her underestimating herself, her wife Shauna threatened to divorce her if she didn’t just sit down and write the damn book.  Well, okay, perhaps it wasn’t that serious, but Shauna did tell her she needed to do what was in her heart.  (Obviously, BJ favors sarcastic hyperbole over heartfelt “aww” moments.) 

Shadow Resistance is BJ’s debut work, centered around injustice, humanity and the history of racial tensions in the United States.  The goal of the writing is not to anger but to make the reader think and try to find the empathy and critical thinking humanity seems to have misplaced. 

When she’s not writing, she’s driving her wife insane playing Playstation 4, reminding her wife of why she married her in the first place in the form of gourmet cooking, and working to fund all three, (games, food and the wife) in the financial services industry.